Sunday, 24 April 2016

London Marathon

London Marathon

Today is the London Marathon. It was started by Tim Peake from the ISS (International Space Station). I watched some of the BBC coverage with Gabby Logan and Dennis Lewis and Colin Jackson presenting the show.

There were many amazing marathon stories, with many of the public runners, running to raise money for charity.
Ben Smith was there, doing 401 consecutive marathons!
Kelly Holmes finished the race in a great time too!

I just want to say well done to everyone running or taking part or just being there. For anyone to run a marathon takes heart and courage. In the East of England, we had the youngest runner, a runner from Manningtree, Essex and the oldest runner an 85 year old (both women!).
There were just so many inspiring stories and mad people running in mad costumes.
You must be mad to run 26 miles dressed as dinosaurs, Bears, Paddington Bear and in canoes etc etc!

 I salute you all! :-)

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