Monday, 4 April 2016

Cool blue skipping jump rope visits Champneys

Cool blue skipping jump rope at Champneys

I have just had a brief weekend away break at Champneys health resort, Harlow. It was a birthday present to my wife from our children. I took my cool blue skipping jump rope!

We arrived for 2pm and settled in to our room, and took our welcome drink..a shot of some healthy vegetable concoction!

We then had a guided tour of the place and we decided to do a walk of the grounds before our first treatment,which was a massage called "Head in the clouds". The walk was very pleasant and called the snowdrop walk. Of course most of the snowdrops had gone over, but there were plenty of daffodils and primroses.

On our return, we got ready for our treatment and robed up and put on our flip flops! I felt a little out of place, because the treatment area was very busy and 90% of the guests were women! Still, both Hilary & I had our massage and it was great!

Amazingly then, it was time to get changed for dinner. Hilary dressed very casually and I put a tie on.
I think some guests still had their robes on, but I might be wrong? We had a good 3 course meal, with water to drink! We were being healthy drinking water and no alcohol! Amazingly, dessert was sticky toffee pudding. That was very nice and very unexpected in this health conscious place!

Then we retired to our room and studied the timetable for tomorrow! There was no skipping class! LOL! There were plenty of other activities to choose from though, including Hula hooping and Pilates and much more.
Unfortunately, we were so tired, we watched a fascinating TV program about crocodiles in Indonesia and went to bed!

About 7am we were woken by the hotel fire alarm! It only went on for 1-2 minutes and stopped and we both decided it was a false alarm, as there were no sign or sounds of guests evacuating!

We booked breakfast for 0815hrs. Our army marches on it's stomach and my stomach is unfortunately too fat! I had a very healthy breakfast of cereal and fruit and Hilary had toast too.
Hilary booked an "Aqua Mit" session but I wasn't keen on that.

Then we went on to the gym introduction and were shown the proper use of the gym machines and Hilary went off to her aqua mit session and I decided to jog around the walk we had done yesterday. I really enjoyed that as there was noone else out walking and I took my cool blue skipping rope and skipped in a couple of places!

I returned to Champneys and went to the swimming changing rooms and changed into my trunks and met Hilary in the pool. She was tired from her pool "Aqua Mit" session, so I swam alone and did 5-10 lengths of the 25 metre pool. It was lovely! It is ages since I last swam! I got dressed back into my sportswear and went to the gym and did a good power session on the cycle machine! Hilary had just been relaxing at the pool and then changing and we then met up for lunch.

Lunch was really good! We had 3 courses with soup to start and a great selection for main course, and I had almost a little bit of everything (chicken, fish, and pasta!). A light fruit and almost joghurt pudding finished the meal. Hilary was booked for a Zumba class twenty five minutes later and we retired to the conservatory to read the paper meanwhile.

Hilary went to Zumba and I went back to the gym where I tried all the weights machines and the crossfit training and treadmill and rowing machine! I had a great time! I came back to see Hilary finish her Zumba class which she enjoyed, but she was bamboozled by many of the instructors moves as this was her first ever time with Zumba.

Our time was almost over! We had just another hour left, but decided to sign out at reception and drive home a little earlier. I found the drive home quite tiring and yet after a brief rest at home, I felt
good and my FitBit was over 14000! I can wholeheartedly recommend Champneys, but it was a lot sweeter knowing that we had the experience with a very affordable offer price that our children had paid! Thanks Chris & Lizzie.. :-)

Exercise, good diet and rest is a good combination for a healthy mind and body....

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