Monday, 11 April 2016

Challenges that can make or break (the cake!)

Just doing my daily exercise is a challenge for me at the moment! I used to be a good amateur athlete in my younger days and would play squash up to 6 days a week. Now, I really was never the fittest or quickest athlete around, but I used to do training sprints and squash court exercises to improve my endurance.

That was many years ago now, and after squash, I took up moderately competitive club tennis, but didn't really train for it. However since finishing my competitive squash days, I have tried to maintain a daily fitness routine, but I have not been strict about it at all. Now though, in a strange way, I am enjoying the challenge of trying to restart a daily basic fitness program for myself. While it does seem hard for me at the moment, I am feeling better and stronger, physically and mentally!

So, I feel it worthwhile to stick with trying to do my daily fitness plan and to try to eat and drink as healthily as possible. I do like cake though! However I do not eat much cake at the moment (the last cake was my wife's birthday cake). I have done this image "Make or Break (cake)" to highlight how challenges can test a person physically and mentally.

There are many ways to deal with challenges and I believe any life challenge should be tackled positively. There are various phrases which spring to my mind on this topic (eg "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" and "Never give up!" and even "Have your cake and eat it!").

However, my final thought on this post is to:

So my final word is goodluck with your daily exercise healthy living plan and try your best to meet your fitness and health challenge goals, in a way that they make you better and stronger and healthier and do not break you!

Also, if you have risen to the challenge, why not treat youreslf with a small piece of cake ;-)

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