This blog is run by the creator and author, Richard Dickinson, as a subsidiary part of rhd_Digital Entrerprises (rhd_DE), a digital creation and production business owned and run by Richard Dickinson (sole owner/trader).

Richard is passionate about all things digital and has many other interests and this can be seen from his personal blog and other websites he has created and run. He set this site up when a friend challenged him to setup a website in a popular niche between fitness with health, internet marketing personal development or a specific business idea. He choose this fitness with health niche as a challenge to improve his own physical and mental health and to be passionate to help others improve theirs too.

In January 2016, Richard gave up drinking any alcohol for a dry month challenge and to date, has not had an alcoholic drink yet in 2016. Furthermore, Richard is preparing and cooking fresh food meals in preference to shop bought ready meal convenience foods and is going on more regular walks with Hilary (his wife, who bought him a FitBit to record his exercise with last year). For mental relaxation and stimulation, Richard plays chess and runs an internet chess coaching course for beginner to intermediate strength players who want to improve. As a young man, he was a keen sportsman (rugby, football, tennis, squash and played these at high amateur level) but these activities have slowly ceased over the years and he wants to stop working so much on the computer and start doing more exercise and get fitter and healthier again! As a qualified dentist who worked in UK NHS GDP for over 22 years, he has a good understanding of basic medical science with a special understanding of the importance of diet and dental health. He is married with 2 grown up children and a cat and lives in Suffolk UK.

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