Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Motiivation and progress

Motivation and progress

Today's post is a very short post, but on a very important topic, motivation.

What is your motivation to change any bad habits and replace them with better habits that lead to better health and fitness?

For me, I am overweight and not as fit as I should be. I know that losing some weight and getting physically and mentally fitter will make me feel better and allow me to work and play better. In general, I know this will give me more energy to improve my life in many aspects! That is quite a big motivational what and why for me!

My motivational what and why need to be big though. Today I did my morning exercises (push ups, sit ups, skips and 10 minute jog) and this felt hard! Some days exercising feels harder than others and I need motivation to push on through. The temptation was to do fewer exercises as it was feeling tough, but I resisted and did one or two more instead! This takes a bit of will power and I know it won't always be possible, but training myself to at least try my best is good!

So now, as a reward for digging in when the exercise felt tough, I can award myself a pat on the back!

Self belief is a very good thing. Whatever stage of life you are at, love yourself and believe in yourself. Remember we are all special!

So, I must keep pushing on with good exercise (physical & mental and by the way, I won a chess game for the chess club last night!), good diet and good rest.

How is your health and fitness progressing? If you have been trying to improve your fitness and health, then give yourself your own pat on the back award. Well done!

Onwards :-)

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