Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Cakes are like London buses!

Cakes are like London buses!

How so? Well, you may not get a glimpse of a cake for ages and then suddenly, several appear at once (just like the buses)!

My last blog post mentioned cake and cake eating and when I returned home after work, I found my daughter had made a cake. I had to have a small piece and it was great!

No, I did not have a large piece! I showed great restraint and had a small piece, but it is amazing how cake can disappear as if by magic!

Now on to an x rated selfie! Yesterday as I went to have my shower, I caught a glimpse of myself and stomach in the bathroom mirror and it was an x rated sight! I took a selfie of my fat stomach and post it here, as a spur to me to fix this and get back to my normal non overweight non fat stomach! Look away if you are sensitive...
Shocking isn't it! What is worse, is I know I am fat and overweight but I have become comfortable being this way! I will have to change. It has taken me some guts to post this my fat stomach selfie...LOL! :-)

I remember well nearly 30 years ago my father and mother visited my wife and I in Cyprus, where we were working and we both noticed that my 60 year old father had become fat! Apparently, he had taken to drinking more wine at weekends and that was contributing greatly to his paunch. For those days, it was only a few glasses over the weekend but it had an effect. He recognised it and decided to reduce his alcohol content and the next time we saw him around a year later, he was back to his trim normal weight and had lost his excess fat! Now as I start to near 60 years old myself (in a few years), I feel I need to apply some discipline myself to lose my fat stomach and as soon as possible!

I wonder how long it will take for me to lose the paunch and slim back down? I have done my daily exercise today and my fat stomach did 35 situps. I need to work at this daily!

I only did 60 skips though (I usually aim to do 100) so I will try and add some more later today.
I enjoyed my 10 minute run though. It was a nice spring morning.

 When I briefly paused to take this photo, it seemed to upset my iphone fitbit app as it didn't record the usual route properly, but it did count my steps! back to work and I'm looking forward to lunch time..LOL! Have a great day all :-)

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