Wednesday, 16 March 2016



I recommend a Fitbit. There are several models to choose from and I have a Fb CHARGE.

This morning I recharged my Fitbit and then started my Fitbit iphone app to track my daily exercise.
I duly went for my ten minute jog and stopped the app. The app said "Are you testing me?". I looked at my wrist and there was no Fitbit! I had left it by the charger and forgotten to put it on when I went for my jog! Silly....

My minimum daily basic exercise is, press-ups, sit-ups and my ten minute jog. This takes me 15-20 minutes per day. Of course I often add more to it ie skipping and other walking.

When I do my exercises and jog, I also try and push myself, so I usually add at least one more situp and push-up and try to jog a bit quicker. I am currently on 35 pushups and 30 situps.

Fitbit is a great way to monitor my daily exercise (but I have to remember to wear it!). It is set to an arbitrary 10,000 step daily target which I reach some days but not others! Fitbit can also monitor weight and water intake and calories used.

This was just a brief introduction to Fitbit. There is more to come in later posts...

Mental fitness

Last night I played chess in a team chess club game. I won the game, which was good, and the basis of it, was that I had an overall plan, that by thinking ahead, I managed to follow through with and the plan was sound and it provided the platform for the win.

Unfortunately though, when I returned home late at night I was a little restless, as I mulled over my game play and the rest of the day. I sought some distraction by watching a little TV and succumbed to the worst outcome..I made myself 2 cheese sandwiches and ate them up!

Remember..whatever the problem:-

I would have been better just drinking more water....After physical and mental exercise some relaxation is needed and not comfort eating or drinking. I must do better to break my bad habits!

Happy exercising (both physically and mentally) :-)

Friday, 11 March 2016

New brand:- j&jFIT

New brand launch: j&jFIT

Well, over the last few weeks I bought a new skipping rope from a Chinese manufacturer and was so impressed with it I have imported a significant quantity to sell. This has led me to start a new health and fitness brand:

jogandjumpFIT (j&jFIT)


I am literally about to send off my first batch of my cool blue skipping jump ropes to Amazon FBA:
Skipping is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy and this skipping rope is great to use. It is so light and easy to skip with, yet it has aluminium (very lightweight) handles and a tough nylon enclosed steel cable that is adjustable. I love exercising and skipping with it!
The only thing to note is that the length adjustable fixings should be checked for tightness before every use. When I first started using it I didn't check this and after about 10 days, a fixing came off while I was skipping. It was easy to find the fixing and add it back and tighten the 2 fixings but it was a surprise when it happened. Now I always check the fixings are tight before I skip with it. No problem! :-)

I want this skipping jump rope to be very affordable and I am just finalising my price and hoping it can work out around £9-99 which is great value for such a functional and durable product. With care it should last a long time and the cool blue metallic colour finish gives it a great look! Fit and fashion!

I hope this will be available on soon (10 days or so, as it takes a while after Amazon receive it until it appears as a list item ready for sale). I am using Amazon FBA selling service which means Amazon will deal with orders and delivery for me. That is a good thing too, and I will be posting advice on how you can use Amazon FBA to list and sell your products. Of course, I will post an updated link here as soon as this is done and the cool blue j&jFit skipping jump rope is available on Amazon.

I now also need to promote this brand jogandjumpFIT and look for more great products that I can add to the brand and help with fitness and health.

Meanwhile if you want a great skipping rope at a great price, just hang on for about 10 days or so to take advantage of this great product and offer!

Goodluck jogging and jumping for fitness and health :-)