Thursday, 5 May 2016

The merry month of May!

May 2016

May is here! Today the weather is improving at home and many trees have leaves back now and many have blossom. The sun has also made a welcome appearance!

Here are my exercise stats today:
Press ups:60 Sit ups:41 Skips 70 approx Run 6 minute

Here is a picture of my local path run (steps & time recorded by my Fitbit with iphone app):

There is nothing extraordinary to blog about today, just a few random thoughts. Firstly I am trying to increase the reps of my daily warm up exercising. Secondly, I still am tending to eat too much! I need more inspiration and motivation to lose weight! Last week, I wrote a small eBook titled "Project Finish" and this I hope to release as a Kindle book with Amazon, soon. It briefly gave me some inspiration and motivation, as I find finishing projects hard and the eBook gives help on making it easier! I think I could easily adapt it to be an eBook to provide inspiration and motivation to lead a healthy and fit life.

Last week, I saw boxer Tyson Fury, proclaiming how fat he was and showing his fat belly to the world! He is an odd character! A world champion boxer, who is not in great shape and he has Vladimir Klitchko, as the deposed champion, desperate to beat him in their rematch. Tyson has admitted he is not a great role model of a world champion boxer, which is a bit of a shame, but I suppose he is trying to be true to his character!

Next, Suffolk have a new website to help lead a healthier life. A recent report recorded Suffolk as having the most obese people attending hospital!
Here is the link to the Suffolk "Healthy You" page with advice: Suffolk Healthy You
I haven't checked out the website fully yet but intend to take a closer look soon!

Finally, a reminder to say I keep my mind active with chess play and computer programming and general digital computer work.  I played my last over the board chess game badly and lost, because I did not spend enough time checking my position and made a wrong move that blundered the exchange. Never mind, I need to learn from it and play better next time! Even the great chess player Garry Kasparov has bad days! See this Video:

That is all for my post today! Goodluck with your exercising, physically and mentally and remember to eat healthily and get enough good rest! :-)

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