Wednesday, 16 March 2016



I recommend a Fitbit. There are several models to choose from and I have a Fb CHARGE.

This morning I recharged my Fitbit and then started my Fitbit iphone app to track my daily exercise.
I duly went for my ten minute jog and stopped the app. The app said "Are you testing me?". I looked at my wrist and there was no Fitbit! I had left it by the charger and forgotten to put it on when I went for my jog! Silly....

My minimum daily basic exercise is, press-ups, sit-ups and my ten minute jog. This takes me 15-20 minutes per day. Of course I often add more to it ie skipping and other walking.

When I do my exercises and jog, I also try and push myself, so I usually add at least one more situp and push-up and try to jog a bit quicker. I am currently on 35 pushups and 30 situps.

Fitbit is a great way to monitor my daily exercise (but I have to remember to wear it!). It is set to an arbitrary 10,000 step daily target which I reach some days but not others! Fitbit can also monitor weight and water intake and calories used.

This was just a brief introduction to Fitbit. There is more to come in later posts...

Mental fitness

Last night I played chess in a team chess club game. I won the game, which was good, and the basis of it, was that I had an overall plan, that by thinking ahead, I managed to follow through with and the plan was sound and it provided the platform for the win.

Unfortunately though, when I returned home late at night I was a little restless, as I mulled over my game play and the rest of the day. I sought some distraction by watching a little TV and succumbed to the worst outcome..I made myself 2 cheese sandwiches and ate them up!

Remember..whatever the problem:-

I would have been better just drinking more water....After physical and mental exercise some relaxation is needed and not comfort eating or drinking. I must do better to break my bad habits!

Happy exercising (both physically and mentally) :-)

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