Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Digital danger to fitness and health..

I like my computer and I like to spend time using it to create digital product and content and to blog with and to take new courses to learn new things and also to keep in touch with friends and trying to check emails and make new virtual friends on and with social media. When I get time, I also play chess on the computer!

The trouble with this though, is that sitting for too long at the computer is bad for my physical health.
It can affect my eyes and my neck muscles get tired and all my muscles get little to no exercise.Often, my mind gets tired and I get slight headaches.

It is just too sedentary sitting for long periods working at a computer. I have to force myself to sit properly and not slouch and try to be productive and not be sidetracked (the internet is big, isn't it!).
I need to get up at regular intervals and do some stretches and walk a little way.

Often I stay up late at night at the computer and also drink too many cups of coffee, when I should drink water instead. Where does time go when I sit at the computer?

Well I need to figure out a way to work smarter at the computer. With that in mind, when the evenings get lighter and the weather better, I can do some gardening in the evenings and maybe go for a quick local walk with my wife and maybe even go out for a meal or to the cinema or theatre even! Anywhere a bit more active than spending hours at the computer!

I need to make sure the time I spend at the computer is balanced with active time, otherwise this gets unbalanced and that can lead to unfitness and ill health. I know prevention is better than cure, so I shall try and think what is a smarter way for me to  do my digital computing work that won't cause me to get unfit and unhealthy!

Is this an issue for you? How do you balance computer time and active time? Once I've recorded how long I spend at the computer on average per day I can start to decide ways to redress the balance back toward more activity. I will start by recording my daily active and inactive hours (that includes working on the computer).

Of course, rest is also important and it is a good idea not to work past midnight if possible!
As mentioned elsewhere, it is a good idea to go to bed earlier and to try getting up earlier and then doing some exercise before starting the working day.

Goodluck balancing your daily computer work and your daily exercise. Do let me know any special measures you take to ensure your digital work doesn't harm your fitness and health. I will post more on this after I have done more of my research :-)

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