Friday, 12 February 2016

Baseline measurements

Personal measurements

The basic measurements to start with are height and weight.
When you know your height and weight you can use them to calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI. The BMI will tell you if  you are the correct weight or over or under weight.

Get out a pen or paper or use your text editor (Notepad or Sublime or MS Word etc) and start your FITNESS and HEALTH LOG. Enter the date and your height and weight and calculate your BMI and write them down.

Here is a link to the NHS BMI calculator. Enter your details to calculate your BMI.

content provided by NHS Choices

Once you have determined this for yourself you will know whether you need to change your weight (increase or decrease) to get to a normal and average BMI for your height and weight.

Now how are you doing with your exercising? Did you try the exercises from the first post? Write in your new FITNESS and HEALTH log what exercise you will do today.

The next issue to look at in the stages of getting our own better fitness and health will be considering what we eat and drink (our diet) and then consider our other habits (especially smoking and drinking alcohol).

If you get this result from the BMI calculator we can take steps to get our BMI back to normal healthy levels.

Being overweight is harmful to your health and the good news is, you can fix this easily and get back to good fitness and health levels, which will make your life MUCH BETTER! Keep following the regular blog posts here and sign up to the blog for regular blog posts for help and advise to become fitter and healthier.

My wife has been trying to lose weight over the last year and this morning she told me she was complimented yesterday by 2 people on how much weight she had lost!

Both of us will be following this blog's simple and effective long term plan to be fitter and healthier. So join me and my wife here. In your log write a brief note of what your fitness and health goals and let us know on Twitter and Facebook and I intend to make this journey with you as fun and as iinteractive as possible ...!

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