Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Online BootCamp Hub Jonathan Roche

Online BootCamp Hub

I share  an email address with my wife and she subscribed to Jonathan Roche and I saw this email this morning "6/11 Fit Mission How to spend your retirement". It had a  link to the Online Boot Camp Hub and from there there was a YouTube video about the Online BootCamp Hub. It says to be careful about sharing this, but for now I cannot see why this would be a problem. I am not an affiliate or associate of Jonathan Roche but am curious to find out more, from his emails, as his health and fitness content looks good!

I believe also, exercising and eating healthily should be easy and fun and so I support this message and idea!

On another topic, it has been a great summer of sport so far, even if the weather hasn't been great. Djokovic vs Murray at the French Open tennis with Djokovic winning after losing the first set. The Euro 2016 football competition started in France also and England drew their first game: England 1 Russia 1. The England Rugby Union side won the First test against the Aussies in Australia! England won the cricket against Sri Lanka (despite the rain!) and Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix F1 in somewhat damp overcast conditions!

Well done to all who are competing, both the hero's and the zeroes! Sport is a great way to keep fit and eat healthily. There is lots more to mention especially the prospect of the coming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (starts next month I think!).

So this is just a brief post to say I am still alive and kicking! I am still doing my daily exercises (physical and mental with my chess game play) and so far this summer I feel quite good! So I hope you are keeping well and healthy and if the sun ever comes out here in the East of England I look forward to plenty of ice cold refreshing water to drink! I can but but dream of the sun...if you see it, please send it to East Anglia UK! BFN :-)

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